CCM – Manual Core Cutter

CCM Cortadora Manual de Tubos

Manual Core Cutter

A manual core cutter for accurate core cutting.

The Universal CCM Manual Core Cutter is swift and safe to operate and produces cores with burr-free cuts.  The machine is free-standing has been developed with a small footprint to fit in even the most space-constricted of premises.  The inclusion of a measuring bar and fast-grip chucks ensures accurate repeatable cut-lengths, adjustable in seconds.

Safe operation.
Integral safety systems ensure that operator training required to cut cores is minimal – the operator must place one hand on the cutting handle and the other hand on the start button in order for the machine to run.

Easy core size changeovers
The cutting anvil can be changed by the operator in under a minute making this core cutter fast and flexible when responding to the increasing demands of a busy factory.

Manual Core Cutters are a stock item and are available for delivery now.


ProductivityHigh qualityDependable

  • Simple to set up and operate

  • Small footprint

  • Fast changeover between core sizes

  • Length adjustable core stop

  • Dust-free cutting

  • Dual-hand control for operator safety

  • Robust design with heavy duty framework

  • No Hydraulics

  • Low maintenance

  • Worldwide support

Manual Core Cutter cutting section


CCM Manual Core Cutter Technical Information  
Cutting mandrels available for core ID:50mm
2 inches
2 3/4 inches
3 inches
4 inches
6 inches
Maximum core length options:1200mm
48 inches
62 inches
86 inches
Maximum core wall thickness:
This may reduce when cutting plastic (HDPE or PP) cores
20mm0.8 inches
Minimum cut length:
Dependant on core material (typically equal to core wall thickness)
>4mm1/6 inch


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