Universal X2HD

Heavy Duty Doctor / salvage rewinder.

Heavy Duty Salvage Winder

Roll width options600mm (24")
800mm (32")
1000mm (40")
Roll diameter options600mm (24")
800mm (32")
1000mm (40")
1500mm (60")
Slitting optionsRazor
Maximum speed options300 m/min (1000 ft/min)
450 m/min (1500 ft/min)
600 m/min (2000 ft/min)
Label stock
Compound materials
Options availableTrim/centre trim removal (razor, shear or crush)
Vacuum trim extraction
Razor or Shear slitting plus bowed roller
Coned unwind shaft for processing rolls with crushed cores
Shaft supports for processing heavy rolls
Perimeter safety guards (compulsory in Europe)
Splice table/illuminated inspection table
Laser-perforation roller
Customised centre-module for customers' process

The Universal X2 roll doctor machine sets the standard for machines of this size.  It incorporates our latest Total Tension Control System with closed loop tension feedback to ensure it produces finished reels of the highest quality.  The machine has been specifically designed to process tension sensitive substrates. The cantilevered design allows easy loading and unloading of reels.  The machine is reversible to allow print direction to be corrected without the need to unload and re-load the roll.

The touchscreen allows easy setting and storage of operating parameters.
The Converter Guide 4 Digital web guiding system is simple to set up, and utilised AC Servo technology, with encoder feedback to give the ultimate guiding performance.  With a rewinding machine the finish roll edge profile is sometimes controlled by the guider (rather than a slit knife) therefore this is a key area of the machine.  The guider corrects at speeds up to 50mm per second.  The controls for the guider are fully integrated with the machine controls.

Salvage Rewinder Universal X2 Control screen
X2 Series main control screen

Converter Guide 4 position control screen
X2 Series web-guider control screen

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