X5 Short Run Slitter

X5 Short Run Cortadora

X5 SlitterShort run slitter rewinder
Primarily designed to spool onto a single shaft the Universal X5 has developed into a high-productivity duplex (two shaft) slitting machine. The large unwind capacity and smaller rewind diameter size was built with paper slitting in mind, but the power available to the cutting section on this machine makes the X5 equally at home cutting anything from packaging films to thick rubber.

Driven rollers in the web path provide excellent tension isolation and control between the unwind and rewind sections.

Optional parent roll lift-in and swing-out safety chucked rewind shafts make the Universal X5 quick to set up and unload, and requires a minimal amount of operator training. Installation and training typically require just one day.

Roll width1000mm (40")
1300mm (52")
1600mm (63")
Original (master) roll diameter1000mm - (40")
Maximum rewind (finish) roll diameter100 - 450mm (4" - 18")
Minimum finish roll width> 10mm
> 0.39"
Slitting optionsRazor
Maximum speed100 m/min (300 ft/min)
300 m/min (1000 ft/min)
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