Core Cutters

Cortadora Automática de Tubos CCA

CCA - Automatic Core Cutter

The CCA automatic core cutter is part of a range of converting equipment produced by Universal Converting Equipment. The CCA machine is designed to be a cost effective unit requiring the minimum of operator intervention. The touch screen interface allows the operator to programme their required core lengths. The touch screen interface allows cores of […]
CCM Cortadora Manual de Tubos

CCM - Manual Core Cutter

A manual core cutter for accurate core cutting. The Universal CCM Manual Core Cutter is swift and safe to operate and produces cores with burr-free cuts.  The machine is free-standing has been developed with a small footprint to fit in even the most space-constricted of premises.  The inclusion of a measuring bar and fast-grip chucks […]

Core Cutters by Universal Converting Equipment

Core Cutters for precision cutting of cardboard and plastic cores. Universal Core Cutters are designed and built in the UK and are installed in factories throughout the world. Both the automatic and the manual variants are designed to be extremely low-maintenance.

Automatic Core Cutters

The Universal CCA Automatic Core cutter is a fast, accurate Core Cutter that is very simple to use. Operated by a user-friendly touchscreen the Universal CCA Core Cutter enables operators to produce cut cores that are free of dust. The CCA is designed to get maximum life out of blades. The ‘core miser’ function can greatly reduce waste.
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Manual Core Cutters

The Universal CCM Manual Cutter has been designed as a safe and simple to use core cutter. Ideal for companies who might not require the high output capability of the automated CCA core cutter. Like the CCA the CCM Manual Core Cutter requires almost operator training and produces clean, precisely cut cores every time.
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