Apex high speed slot dieHigh speed slot die developed by ITW Dynatec. APEX™ produces high speed intermittent hot melt adhesive patterns with a max speed of 10,000 cycles per minute.

  • Precise high speed intermittent adhesive patterns
  • Self-cleaning die lips permits the use of a variety of adhesive viscosities
  • Exceptional value for a high speed slot die applicator
  • Slot die design does not require micro adjustments to achieve the required adhesive lay down weights.
  • APEX™ SB module with re-circulation provides a clean adhesive cut off regardless of the adhesive pattern
  • Application width up to 500 mm / 19.6 in
  • Adhesive viscosity 100 cps min / 20,000 cps max
  • Pneumatic pressure 74 psi (5 bar) min / 125 psi (9 bar) max
  • Adhesive pressure 100 psi (7 bar) min / 1,000 psi (68 bar) max