Hot Melt Adhesive CoaterUniversal Converting Equipment manufactures a range of hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machines from widths of 12mm to over 2500mm. The CL350 is an example of a narrow-width machine which can be used as a test machine or a production machine in its own right. It can be designed to meet specific requirements with additional processes integrated into the machine. The compact machine has the precise tension and adhesive control systems normally found on much larger machines.

Hot melt coater controls

The key features of the machine are:

  • Able to apply hot melt adhesive at speeds up to 200 m/min
  • Coat weights of 1 gsm up to 500 gsm depending on application type
  • Precise tension control for processing non-woven, paper and plastic materials
  • Coating widths up to 350mm wide
  • Capability to apply pressure sensitive adhesives and heat seal adhesives
  • Water cooled coating roller
  • Precision die mount
  • Motorised adjustment for die positioning
  • Die mount system designed for a range of coating technologies
  • Slot die for continuous coating
  • Slot die with driven roller in lip for streak-free coating
  • ITW Dynatec APEX high speed intermittent hot melt adhesive coating
  • ITW Dynatec Dynafiber for non-woven and breathable materials
  • In-line adhesive coat weight scanning
  • In-line slitting
  • Differential rewind shaft
  • Constant gap winding
  • Touch screen control
  • Recipe system to retain parameters of machine set up
  • Full diagnostic system with remote diagnostics

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