X6 Turret slitter

High productivity dual turret slitter.

The X6t Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder is suitable for film producers and flexible material converters. The X6t is capable of processing a wide range of films, foils, papers and laminates.

Turret slitters increase productivity by reducing the downtime deficit slitter rewinders encounter when unloading a completed slitting job and preparing for the next slitting job.  A turret slitter enables the machine operator to unload a completed set of rolls while the next set is  running.

The Universal X6t slitter is a variant of the popular Universal X6 Flexible Materials slitter rewinder that has been designed to capitalise on the efficiency and accuracy features that make the X6 range an easy purchase, not just for converter of flexible packaging materials, but also for companies slitting foils, papers and a wide range of other materials.  The turret capability of the X6t perfectly compliments the other automation options – including laser core alignment, automatic shear and razor knife positioning, automatic core positioning, end of roll cut off and off-loading pushers with roll handling- to produce levels of efficiency and operator simplicity surpassing many competitive machines.

Flexible Packaging materials diagram

ProductivityHigh qualityDependable

  • High speed - 600 -1000 m/min

  • Simple to set up and operate

  • Short web path

  • Fast changeover maximising machine uptime - typically less than two minutes to position knives, align cores, set tension and load parent roll

  • Automatic knife set up - up to 20 knives set in less than 2 minutes (set while new parent roll is being loaded)

  • Digital web guiding

  • Comprehensive on screen diagnostics

  • Automatic cut off, tape to core and roll tape down options minimising stop time between sets of rolls

  • Closed loop, load cell control of rewind tension

  • Recipe system to ensure repeatability.

  • Constant geometry, linear motion, contact roller system with automatic pressure control

  • Large diameter path rollers with specialised finish to suit application

  • Short distance from knives to rewinds

  • Short distance between rollers

  • Ethernet based OPC server allowing access to machine parameters by SCADA or other management systems

  • Robust design with heavy duty frames

  • Only high quality components from global suppliers

  • Unique dynamic circuit diagrams with auto fault-find system

  • Large 22 inch touch screen control interface

  • Internet based real-time remote diagnostics

  • No Hydraulics

  • Operator friendly safety system compliant with EN13418

  • Low maintenance

  • Worldwide support

X6t Turret Slitter Rewinder features:

  • Compact or separate unwind
  • Shaftless unwind
  • Driven or braked unwind
  • Splice table
  • Digital web guiding
  • Shear, razor or crush cut slitting
  • Speed options – 600 or 700 m/ minute
    (2000 or 2300 ft/min)
  • Automatic knife positioning – shear and razor
  • 610mm rewind diameter
  • Laser core alignment
  • Automatic core positioning
  • Turret shaft support
  • Unloading roll pusher
  • Robotic roll handling
  • Safe operation for manual tape to core
  • Automatic web cut off
  • Automatic core taping
  • Automatic core loading
  • Automatic roll tape down
  • Fast turret cycle


X6T Slitter Technical Information
Unwind diameter options


44 inches
59 inches
Rewind diameter options:610mm
24 inches
31.5 inches
Web width options:1050mm
42 inches
53 inches
65 inches
80 inches
90 inches
Speed options:600 m/min
2000 ft/min
3300 ft/min