Computacore Laser Core Alignment

ComputaCore component is highlighted in this photo

COMPUTACORE is designed to fit onto a range of slitting and winding equipment. The slit widths are entered into the touch screen interface and the system computes the required core positions, projecting a laser line around the shaft to indicate the required position of the edge of the core on the slitter / winder. Either after a pre-set time or on pressing a button, the laser will automatically move to the next core position.

COMPUTACORE can also be used to indicate the required position of the slitting knives and differential chucks if used. COMPUTACORE is supplied with an installation kit to allow your engineers to install if required.


  • Fast core positioning. Eliminates the time taken by the operator to measure and mark or apply tape to rewind shafts to position the cores.
  • Accurate substrate to core alignment. The laser indicates the required core position to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm giving improved edge quality and reduced waste from reject or cut back rolls. It also reduces the number of rewinds where the material is misaligned or the roll has “starred” near the core.
  • Stops “hammering” cores into position. On start up, the operators often hammer the cores into the correct position. This can damage both the cores and the core chucks. The start of these rolls will also be misaligned.
  • Eliminates pen marks and adhesive tape on rewind shaft. These marks allow the operator to position the next set of cores correctly. However, shafts end up covered in marks making it confusing to tell which was the correct one, often leading to incorrect positioning of the core. If the machine is fitted with differential shafts using compressible friction washers, these marks become inaccurate if the amount of compression changes.
  • Fast and simple to fit. Your own mechanical engineers can fit the kit in about 4 hours. All the electrical components are pre-wired and plug together.
  • Flexible system. Designed to fit a wide range of slitting and rewinding machines. This includes machines from Universal, Kampf, Dusenbery, Titan, Atlas, Ashe and many other makes of slitting machine.


  • Services Required:
  • 220-240v AC, single phase, 3 Amps, 750 Watts
  • Available in widths from 500mm to 2000mm