Knife Positioning SystemsThe automatic knife positioning module fits into converting equipment requiring the addition of an automatic slitting section.  Knife setup can represent a significant proportion of slitting machine downtime, therefore the addition of this module can have a major affect on productivity, especially on machines doing frequent setups or large quantity of slits.

We offer automatic knife positioning for both razor slitting and shear slitting. The most popular Computaslit system is for setting shear knives due to the time taken to set up male and female knives. The system is controlled by a touch screen operator interface. If the job has been run previously, the operator can recall the setting from the recipe memory, otherwise they enter the slit widths required and the system does the rest. The required positions for the knives are calculated and an electric actuator moves the knives precisely into position. Once in position they are locked securely in place. The system works well with both shaft mounted and dovetail mounted knives.

We have standard Computaslit systems that can be retro-fitted onto a range of slitter rewinders including Ashe, Atlas, Dusenbery, Elite, Cameron and Titan slitting machines. When combined with a Converter Guide 4 Digital web guiding system, Computacore core alignment system, and full differential rewind shafts, a changeover which may have taken one hour can be completed in less than five minutes.