Machine rebuildMany older machines can be refurbished to return them to their original condition raising product quality and production efficiency. New technology can also been introduced such as AC vector drives and closed loop tension control. The cost of refurbishment can be significantly less than the cost of a new machine. Universal can offer a complete refurbishment and upgrade service on a range of equipment including slitting and rewinding machines.

Before starting work a thorough assessment is undertaken of all aspects of the machine and a report prepared for the customer. Based on the report the customer can select the work to be completed. This will then be undertaken either at the customers premises or the machine can be taken to Universal’s factory.

Examples of the work undertaken are as follows:

  • Thorough assessment of the existing machine condition
  • Replacement and upgrade of drive and control system
  • Replacement of machine wiring
  • Implementation of new safety systems to conforms to current standards
  • Speed increase where mechanically suitable
  • Remanufacture and replacement of worn or damaged mechanical components.
  • Replacement of bearings
  • Replacement of any faulty pneumatic or hydraulic parts.
  • Strip and refurbish motors
  • Fit new tacho brushes
  • Clean and repaint the machine
  • Recovering rollers
  • Install new differential rewind shafts
  • Install new safety circuits
  • Install guard safety switches
  • Fit light guards
  • Supply new lay on rollers
  • Upgrade brakes
  • Replace E/P transducers
  • Install new guiding system


Universal has experience in upgrading a wide range of equipment including the following machines:

  • Centre wind slitters
  • Centre surface slitting machines
  • Two drum winders
  • Plastic extrusion lines
  • Blown film winders
  • Cast film winders
  • Bag making equipment
  • Filter production lines

This includes machines from manufacturers such as Titan, Atlas, Valmet, Goebel, Cameron, Elite Cameron, Dusenbery, Eldec, Ashe, Masson Scott, Afex, Gloenco and Reifenhauser.