Lithium Ion and Solar Cell web manufactureUniversal Converting Equipment are exploiting their substantial knowledge in web-based manufacturing processes to facilitate customers’ development in emerging energy technologies.

Lithium Ion and Solar Cell manufacture are two fields enjoying exponential expansion and with such rapid expansion comes a greatly increased need for innovative manufacture processes. Universal’s extensive experience in developing new manufacture processes places the company in an increasingly strengthened position when it comes to assisting Lithium Ion and Solar Cell manufacturers in refining and improving product lines.

“Lithium Ion and Solar Cell technologies have proven themselves and are widely accepted by both manufactures and end-consumers as being ‘the way forward’. We specialise in integrating technologies such as web handling, tension control and coating, with other systems to provide a complete production cell offering an efficient and cost effective solution to the processes required to manufacture these emerging products. One of the challenges is reducing the manufacturing cost of these products to increase their acceptability.” says Managing Director Alan Jones.

Last Updated on December 28, 2022