Slitter Rewinder and winding machine commonly used terms
slitter vision system

Vision and inspection systems

In addition to building slitters and salvage winders with integrated vision / inspection systems we also install vision systems on third party machinery. Vision system case study. We were approached by a company who needed to make real-time measurements of holes that were being laser machined into packaging film.  In order to measure the holes […]
Knife Positioning Systems

Computaslit Automatic Knife Positioning

The automatic knife positioning module fits into converting equipment requiring the addition of an automatic slitting section.  Knife setup can represent a significant proportion of slitting machine downtime, therefore the addition of this module can have a major affect on productivity, especially on machines doing frequent setups or large quantity of slits. We offer automatic […]
Universal X9 fully automatic duplex centre winder

ComputaCore - Laser Core Alignment

COMPUTACORE is designed to fit onto a range of slitting and winding equipment. The slit widths are entered into the touch screen interface and the system computes the required core positions, projecting a laser line around the shaft to indicate the required position of the edge of the core on the slitter / winder. Either […]
Trim Winders

Trim removal

Universal Converting Equipment is able to offer a range of systems to remove waste edge trim from slitting machine and other machines. Efficient removal of edge and centre trims is vital to the good operation of slitting and winding machines. Accurate tension control is required to prevent snapping of the narrow waste trims as they […]
Ejes diferenciales

Differential Rewind Shafts

Differential Rewind Shafts are installed on almost all Universal Converting Equipment slitters. Differential Rewind Shafts are a reliable way of controlling tension across the entire web being slit. Differential Rewind Shafts – key benefits Spacer-less set up No slip between the core and the chuck preventing core dust generation Precise control for tension sensitive materials […]
Differential shaft friction washers photo

Differential shaft friction washers

Differential shaft friction washers are used between differential chucks on rewind shafts.  Most types of differential shaft systems rely on friction transferring a controlled torque from the rewind shaft to the core chucks holding the rolls of material on a slitter. Older systems use oiled felt washers which need frequent replacement and re-oiling. These can […]
Converting industry ancillaries


Universal Converting Equipment a range of systems to automate the operation of slitting and winding equipment.  They have all been designed to remove set up time,  increase the productivity of the machine and ensure quality product is produced consistently.  Although the systems can be used independently,  they can also be integrated together to fully automate […]

Machine Rebuild

Many older machines can be refurbished to return them to their original condition raising product quality and production efficiency. New technology can also been introduced such as AC vector drives and closed loop tension control. The cost of refurbishment can be significantly less than the cost of a new machine. Universal can offer a complete […]

Tension Control

Precise tension control is vital to ensure the quality of wound rolls of material. Slitting, winding, coating, laminating and embossing all require accurate tension control systems. Universal Converting Equipment developed closed loop tension control systems to incorporate into their machines. These systems are now available to upgrade other machine types. All our systems rely on […]
Slitter unwind

Rewinds and unwinds

We manufacture a range of unwinds and rewinds of various widths and diameters.  Information is available on request.  

Upgrade examples

Examples of the type of upgrade available are given below: Cameron Two Drum Winder – Machine completely stripped and repainted. All bearings changed. Motors refurbished New digital drive and control system installed New slitting section installed Digital rider roll control system added Major pneumatic and hydraulic components replaced New safety system added to conform to […]