Markets served

Custom Machinery
Cutting Rubber Rolls

Rubber slitter for rubber industry

Cutting thick rubber presents a particular challenge to slitting / cutting machines – depending on the type of rubber being slit the forces exerted on the cutting section of the machine can be far greater than that used when cutting other materials. These extraordinary forces inform the design choices made on a wide range of […]
Flexible Packaging Slitter

Flexible packaging

The flexible packaging industry has long been the biggest market for Slitting machines and rewinders.  When flexible packaging films like BOPP, PET and LDPE are produced on large jumbo rolls they need to be slit down into smaller rolls for use on packaging process machinery.  The cutting needs to be extremely precise, often in order […]
Hot Stamping Foil Rolls

Hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is extremely tension sensitive when being slit, an issue we answer with the use of load cells and a ‘closed loop tension control’ on our Universal X8 Hot Stamping foil slitter.  Precise and repeatable tension during the cutting process is further facilitated by additional tension zone in the cutting section. Hot (and […]
Slitter for Nonwoven Textiles

Nonwoven material / diaper industry

We have a great deal of experience of winding and slitting nonwoven textiles for the diaper industry.  We have supplied machines to several companies that are household names.  Nonwovens are also used in the medical, pharmaceutical and motor industries. Nonwovens can be damaged if run at too high a tension and can be difficult to […]
Label Stock Slitter

Label stock

Parts of the label stock manufacture, supply and converting industry rely on being able to turn around short run jobs with minimal machine set up.  Our Universal X6 slitter machine automates the slitter setup process thereby minimising operator input. Edge bleed is minimised on our label stock slitting machines by the correct choice of knives, […]