Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging Slitter

Flexible Packaging SlitterThe flexible packaging industry has long been the biggest market for Slitting machines and rewinders.  When flexible packaging films like BOPP, PET and LDPE are produced on large jumbo rolls they need to be slit down into smaller rolls for use on packaging process machinery.  The cutting needs to be extremely precise, often in order to closely follow a print design.

Cutting machines like the Universal X6 have been designed to offer customers the very best and most accurate control of the slitting and rewinding process.  Whereas most slitter rewinders have two controllable tension zones (unwind and rewind) the Universal X6 has an additional control zone in the cutting section.  This exacting control gives operators the ability to precisely control cutting tension – an innovation directly developed as a result of many years experience of servicing the flexible packaging industry.

In addition to designing and building slitting machines for the flexible packaging industry we also produce salvage winders (also known as doctor rewinders).  Salvage winders are used to either correctly badly wound rolls (perhaps from a printing press) and can also be used to search for, and remove, defects in printed rolls of flexible packaging materials.


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