Plastic film linesUniversal Converting Equipment has considerable experience in upgrading blown film and cast film extrusion lines. As plastic film technology advances there is a need to improve the efficiency of the production equipment and ensure the tension control systems are capable of producing high quality products. Most older systems use DC drives and motors which require considerable maintenance.

Universal can replace the existing motors with new AC motors with closed loop speed and tension control. Using the latest AC vector drives ensures that the product can always be produced using the optimum settings. A touch screen interface provides the operator with easy set up procedures. Once the best settings are found they can be saved as part of the recipe system and recalled next time that product is manufactured. Actual material winding tensions can be measured using load cells with the display showing actual tensions versus set tensions to guarantee the process is in control.

Extruder drives and motors can also be upgraded and we can provide complete temperature control systems for the extrusion lines. All these systems can be integrated together so the operator has a single control station for the complete line.

As part of any upgrade, the production line will be Risk Assessed and the appropriate safety systems will be installed to ensure the line conforms to the latest safety standards. These new safety systems can also be fitted to other lines without the need for a full refurbishment.

A summary of the available plastic film line upgrades are:

  • New extruder drives and motors
  • New winder control system with AC drives and motors
  • Closed loop tension control systems
  • Temperature control systems
  • Safety systems
  • Touch screen control
  • Recipe system
  • Data capture systems