Titan slitter upgrade

Slitter upgrades improve efficiency, control and reliability of older slitter machines.  We manufacture drive and control system upgrades for almost any third party machines including (but not exclusive to) Titan, Kampf, Ashe and Atlas.

Upgrading your slitter gives you the benefits of a new machine, but at a fraction of the cost.

We have available a series of standard slitter drive systems available for duplex centre wind slitting machines such as the Titan SR5, Titan SR6, Titan SR7, Atlas CW2 and Kampf KS106. We also has a control system which can be easily customised to suit virtually any make of duplex centre wind slitting machine. These panels are either available “off the shelf” or at very short notice.

As well as removing obsolete components upgrading your slitter brings the following benefits:

  • Automatic slow down and stop to pre-set diameter or length.
  • Precise control of unwind and rewind tensions
  • User friendly touch screen control
  • Operator selectable taper tension with actual winding tension being displayed.
  • Elimination of problematic contact diameter sensors on the rewind.
  • All the key operating parameters can be saved and recalled at a later date when similar product is being processed.
  • Easy diagnosis of machine problems.
  • Option for remote diagnostics
  • Updated safety systemsWinder upgrades

The standard system is capable of controlling either a two motor or a three motor centre wind slitter. If the machine is fitted with DC motors these can be retained or the machine converted to AC motors with the latest AC closed loop vector drives giving precise digital control.

In addition to the standard range of drive systems, we can also upgrade other winders including turret centre wind machines with drive is excess of 100kW.