Two drum winder upgradeUniversal Converting Equipment have standard upgrade packages for two drum winders including machines manufactured by Cameron, Masson Scott, Jagenburg, Dusenbery and Valmet. Universal can offer a complete new drive and control system for these machines including the introduction of touch screen control

with recipes and automatic rider roll control. A PLC automatically varies the rewind drum torque and rider roll nip pressure as the rewind reel diameter increases, thus ensuring optimum quality of rewind reels. Closed loop control systems with material tension feedback from load cells ensures correct winding tensions and roll densities at speeds up to 2000m/min.

The Two Drum Winder upgrade system is scaled to meet the requirements of the application with the choice of DC or AC drives. As part of the upgrade, new safety systems are normally installed with a comprehensive package available to meet the latest safety standards. Universal are also able to offer upgrade of other components on the machine including a complete rebuild.


Two drum winder upgrade controls