Special purpose/ Custom machinery

Custom Converting Machinery

Special purposes machineUniversal are able to combine their detailed knowledge of process control systems with material handling expertise to develop special purpose process and automation equipment. Focused mainly on the converting industry Universal has developed fully automatic assembly systems incorporating a range of different processes.

The systems are usually PLC controlled with the use of servo motors where precise positional control is required. Universal Converting Equipment draws on the control systems expertise of its sister company, Universal Control Equipment, in the development and integration of the systems.

Universal Converting Equipment also incorporate hot melt adhesive units from its sister company, Universal Adhesive Systems, as part of product assembly machines and has considerable expertise in the use of Radio Frequency (RF) to bond PVC and other materials.

Examples of processes incorporated are:

  • Automatic component feeding
  • Sheet feeding
  • Unwind and/or rewind systems
  • Servo Positioning
  • RF welding
  • Impulse sealing
  • Constant heat sealing
  • Holt melt bonding
  • Die cutting
  • Guillotining
  • Lithium ion web processes
  • XYZ axis control

In addition to manufacturing and tailoring our machine range Universal Converting Equipment can also develop and build custom machinery.


Low tension coating machine

Low tension coating machine


Liquid bag production line

Liquid bag production line


High speed inkjet barcode applicator

High speed inkjet barcode applicator


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